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Schneider spaceLogic KNX IP Router

Schneider spaceLogic KNX IP Router

Hãng SX: Schneider

Mã Sản phẩm: MTN6500-0103

Bộ định tuyến IP SpaceLogic KNX cho phép chuyển tiếp các bức điện giữa các đường dây khác nhau thông qua mạng LAN (IP). Ngoài ra, Bộ định tuyến IP KNX này phù hợp để kết nối PC với Mạng KNX, ví dụ: để lập trình ETS.

Mã: MTN6500-0103 Danh mục: , Từ khóa: ,

Mô tả

Hãng SX: Schneider

Mã Sản phẩm: MTN6500-0103


The SpaceLogic KNX IP Router allows forwarding of telegrams between different lines through a LAN (IP) as a fast backbone. In addition this KNX IP Router is suited to connect a PC to the KNX network e.g. for ETS programming.

The KNX IP Router supports KNX Security which can be enabled in ETS. As secure router the device allows coupling of not secured communication on KNX TP to a secured IP backbone.

For the interface functionality (tunneling) KNX security prevents from unauthorized access.

The router supports up to 8 tunneling channels. For each tunneling channel a separate individual address must be configured. The IP address can be obtained by a DHCP server or by manual configuration (ETS) respectively. This KNX IP Router works according to the KNXnet/ IP specification using the core, the device management, the tunneling and the routing part.

The SpaceLogic KNX IP Router has an extended filter table for main group 0..31 and is able to buffer up to 150 telegrams. The Router is powered by the KNX bus. An additional power supply is not needed. With 2 integrated push-buttons for testing purpose and 3 status LEDs.

For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal. The LAN network is conneted via RJ45 socket.

  • Device width: 1 module = approx. 18 mm
  • Note: This application requires ETS 5 or higher.
  • Contents: With bus connecting terminal and cable cover

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