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Schneider SpaceLogic KNX Fan Coil 0-10 V Controller

Schneider SpaceLogic KNX Fan Coil 0-10 V Controller


Hãng SX: Schneider

Mã Sản phẩm: MTN6730-0003

Để sưởi ấm, thông gió và kiểm soát điều hòa không khí. Điều khiển cuộn dây quạt với tối đa ba giai đoạn quạt, tùy chọn điều khiển quạt 0-10 V.

Mô tả

Hãng SX: Schneider

Mã Sản phẩm: MTN6730-0003


For heating, ventilation and air conditioning control. For controlling fan coils with up to three fan stages, optionally also with 0-10 V fan control, as well as for the control of proportional 0-10 V valves. The controller supports 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems.
The controller can measure and control the room temperature itself or receives the value from the Push-Button plus with TCU and behaves like an actuator.
One floating contact for window contacts or temperature sensor and one for condensate monitoring (e.g.).
Auxiliary relay for electric heating or cooling registers
Manual operation on the controller (fan speeds, switching between heating and cooling)
Adjustment of setpoint for cooling depending on outdoor temperature
Floating contact optionally for cooling or heating coil
With emergency program
With integrated bus coupler. For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal.
KNX software functions:

Fan control:
Standard fan coil or fan coil with 0-10 V is supported. In automatic mode, the fan speeds are controlled dependently by the control value of the push-button plus with TCU. The three fan speeds and automatic mode can be switched via telegram. The fan can be controlled either directly or via actuators / suitable dimming actuators. Fan speed feedback is possible via corresponding status feedback objects e.g. status LED of a push-button.
Valve control:
Type of controller: P / PI controller
Controller mode: Heating and/or cooling with common or separate valve outputs.
Operating modes: Operating modes can be selected by object
Power supply: AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 1.7 W, stand-by <0.5 W
Minimum load additional/fan relay: 12 V, 100 mA
Additional relay switching capacity: 16 A
Fan relay switching capacity: 6 A
Fan and valves: 0-10 V, max. 10 mA
Inputs: 2, max. cable length 5 m
Operation: Key for fan levels and heating/cooling mode
Displays: 9 status LEDs
Device width: 4 modules = approx. 72 mm
Push-button 2-gang plus with room temperature control unit System M MTN6212-03.. /-04..,
Push-button 4-gang plus with room temperature control unit System M MTN6214-03.. /-04..,
KNX Multitouch Pro System M MTN6215-03.., System Design MTN6215-59.., System Design MTN6216-5910

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